Craft Beer for All

"If You Can Change the Way You See the World, 
​The World You See Can Change."

The Mission

"To bring the diversity of craft beer to people and the diversity of people to craft beer."

Training & Consulting

Inclusion and equity training and consulting give your organization an outside perspective that sparks creativity and innovation, shorter learning curves that increase efficiency, and access to specialized skills and expertise
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Keynotes & Workshops

Whether delivering media-rich presentations or engaging interactive workshops, Dr. J. delivers high ROI for your organization or event. As an experienced keynote speaker and seasoned college professor, Dr. J. challenges and inspires audiences with material that is current, customized, and  research-driven.
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Meet Dr. J.


My name is J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham, Ph.D, but most folks in the brewing industry simply call me "Dr. J." 

I am a professor of communication studies, scholar, and writer and I have dedicated my career to the study of American beer. I have published social commentary, journal articles, and book chapters; delivered keynote addresses and guest lectures; and provided expertise as a guest on radio shows, podcasts, and in news and entertainment media on the culture and inclusiveness of craft beer.

As an equity and inclusion strategist, I provide consulting and training to individuals and organizations in the craft brewing industry. I want to help craft breweries and affiliated organizations develop and implement inclusive, equitable, and just practices that align with their visions of organizational success.

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Featured Posts and Media

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