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A Modest Proposal: Let's Stop Talking About "Diversity"

Diversity refers to an end state--when the craft beer industry and craft beer culture are made up of many different heterogeneous parts that are more or less representative of the beautiful heterogeneity of the U.S. and wider world at large. What's wrong with this vision of diversity in craft beer? Absolutely nothing. But if we continue speak primarily in terms of the finish-line, we often forget that we have a marathon to run.

No. We Can't All Just Get Along: The Necessity of Hard Conversations

Conflict is a normal part of healthy human relationships. The trick is to engage in productive conflict--when individuals with differing ideas, motives, or perceptions can communicate in ways that make them feel heard, respected, and unafraid of reprisal or abuse in the pursuit mutually satisfying resolutions. Productive conflicts can be particularly elusive when questions of cultural  difference arise. 

Fans, Hands & Brands: Strategies and Tactics for Being Inclusive and Building Diversity in Craft Beer

What do a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, a colony of ants, and a recipe for a brown ale have in common?  In the real world, very little. But in Dr. J.’s talk, this eclectic list of common objects will inspire attendees to rethink how we approach diversity and inclusion in the craft beer industry. In this  interactive talk, Dr. J. will open the door for an honest and judgement-free conversion about the realities of authentically reaching populations that are underrepresented among beers drinkers and brewery employees.

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