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"I want to help you develop and implement inclusive, equitable, and just practices that align with your vision of organizational success."

When it comes down to it, Craft Beer For All is about loving craft beer and recognizing that the craft beer community is the perfect incubator for creating and sustaining positive social change. Craft Beer For All is on a mission to ferment inclusive spaces, equitable relationships, and just communities in the craft brewing community and beyond. Together we can bring the diversity of craft beer to people and the diversity of people to craft beer.
Strategic Consulting Services
Educational Training Services
Strategic Consulting Services

Strategic Consulting

When you partner with Craft Beer For All for consulting services, you can expect a long-term commitment that includes: research of your organization and industry-wide best practices; diagnosis and identification of problems, challenges, and opportunities in your organization; strategy grounded in consensus-building and collaboration that inspires commitment to educational, corrective, and proactive action; recommendations that are tailored to your organizational culture, available resources, and current and future capacity; and assessment tools to guide program and policy implementation and to track success.
Creating Responsibility Structures

A systematic review of more than 700 organizational diversity and inclusion initiatives by researchers from UCLA, Harvard and the University of Minnesota revealed that the most effective organizational diversity initiatives include a responsibility structure.

Storytelling for Equity & Inclusion

Human beings are fundamentally storytelling animals. The stories that we tell and consume shape our perceptions of people, places, and events. More importantly, we use stories to make meaning. 

Strategic Alignment

All too often, diversity programming is an organizational add-on, a framing that leads to little buy-in and fewer results. To cultivate a vibrant and diverse organizational culture, workplace practices must be strategically aligned with overall business goals and actively drive inclusive and equitable behaviors.

Pipeline Development

Ren Navarro is working to improve  diversity in the Canadian craft beer industry. Visit to learn more.

Developing a diversified pipeline of future employees and leaders can help to anticipate the talent you’ll need as your organization evolves, ensure your hires are a great fit for your culture,  improve employee retention, and foster innovation.

Educational Training Services

Educational Training

Understanding Communication and Conflict Styles: A Crash Course in Intercultural Communication

Culture and communication are inseparable. Moreover, we live in an era of rapid globalization. Social media and other information networks connect us to other people, ideas, and institutions (both here in the U.S. and beyond) more quickly and extensively than ever before. Being able to communicate across cultures is no longer just an advantage, it is becoming more and more imperative to functioning effectively in a diverse workplace, city, and world.

  • Investigate how culture and communication work together to shape our world.
  • Increase your understanding of communication patterns used by diverse cultural groups here in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Examine the ideas that you currently hold about cultures that are not your own.
  • Deepen your understanding of your own cultural background and the contexts (social, cultural and historical) in which your live, work, and play.

Implementing Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices: Guidance for Brewers Association Members

Diversity and inclusion are opportunities for businesses to lead and succeed. The Brewers Association (BA) offers a collection of best practice guides that lay the groundwork for addressing, creating, and managing a diversity and inclusion program.

Authored by Dr. J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham, these member-only resources are designed to help a business with everything from starting the conversation about why diversity matters and what it means to them, to setting up a framework to assess the success of a diversity and inclusion program.

  • Receive an in-depth overview of this five-part series of best practice resources.
  • Learn strategies and tactics drawn from best practices and tailored to your organization and community.

Everyday Social Justice: Cultivating Community, Just Leadership, and Humane Organizational Cultures

Social justice isn't some lofty goal for activists and politicos. Social justice is way of doing business and forming relationships that improve workplace experiences for everyone...and your bottom line. Everyday social justice describes the day-to-day work of creating fair and just relationships between the individual and the organization. 

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