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Keynote Lecture at the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities, Tulsa

Many thanks to the folks at the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities at the University of Tulsa for inviting me to participate in Something’s Brewing: A Symposium on the Craft Beer Movement. I delivered the keynote lecture, “Craft Beer Culture: Troubling Our Thirst for a Better Brew,” on Friday, November 4. The lecture and symposium were timely for the state of Oklahoma, which considered two referendums to modernize laws pertaining to beer and wine distribution on election day. In addition to participating in the event I got to tour the fascinating city of Tulsa, talk to a local restauranteur, and meet the Marshall Brothers of Marshall Brewing Company, two really passionate, smart craft brewers.

I additionally stopped by Tulsa’s NPR affiliate radio station, to do a guest appearance on StudioTulsa. Listen live at #beer #Speaking Engagements Search for: Recent Posts

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